James Peach


With an impressive 17-year journey in the real estate realm, James is a seasoned professional whose expertise has been finely honed through a tapestry of experiences. Having personally handled over a thousand auctions, his proficiency spans a wide range of real estate transactions. A standout highlight in his career has been the ownership and management of a prominent Ray White office in Sydney for seven years.

Guided by a deep-rooted commitment to the growth of his family, James’s decision to relocate to Perth shines with the belief that this city offers an optimal environment for nurturing his children. Drawing upon a rich reservoir of skills and insights amassed over the years, he has seamlessly evolved his real estate knowledge into the vibrant Perth market, lending a fresh layer of expertise to the local real estate panorama.

Across his career, James has consistently sown the seeds of success through his unwavering dedication and deep client-centric approach. This foundational principle has been the cornerstone of his distinguished career, where each client becomes enveloped in James’s unbridled passion and steadfast commitment. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes, his personalized methodology weaves tailor-made solutions that consistently surpass expectations.

At the heart of his professional career lies his track record of selling across multiple generations of families, manoeuvring the intricacies of reselling properties multiple times within a decade. This recurring achievement within his portfolio stands as a living testament to his remarkable ability in building trust and nurturing relationships that extend beyond isolated transactions.

Amid his array of accomplishments, James’ work ethic is an embodiment of diligence and integrity, whilst his approachable demeanour radiates his unwavering commitment to cultivating lasting connections with his clientele. It’s unmistakably clear that James’ dedication transcends the transactional realm, forging enduring relationships that echo well beyond the confines of a sale.

Within James, clients encounter not only a professional but a genuine partner, weaving an expansive wealth of experience into the very fabric of their real estate aspirations.